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Search Engines versus Directories

Search engines are operated by scripts and machine code. Some of them have human editors, but, by and large, search engines are run by automated relevancy algorithms. Directories are human-compiled lists of sites organized by categories. Since directories are entirely human-edited, they take time and effort to maintain.

Whenever I create a new site and I am happy with it, I submit it to a about a half dozen or a dozen directories. A few of the larger directories are listed in the next section.

When submitting to directories, it is worth it to spend the extra time to ensure you are in the correct category and are following the directory guidelines.

The Value of Directory Listings

Outside of DMOZ and the Yahoo! Directory, the value of a single directory link is usually not very great. Directories add value after you list in a number of them, especially if you are listing in high-quality ones next to other sites that are in your same vertical.

If you have a keyword-rich domain name, directory listings will help you get descriptive inbound links. Most sites on the web only have links from a few dozen sites. By listing your site in a half dozen to a dozen quality directories and also getting links from other relevant quality sites, you can quickly build up a great linking campaign at minimal cost.

Directory Traffic

Directories rarely provide much direct traffic. Typically the bulk of the value of a directory listing is in how search engines evaluate the links. Occasionally, you may find a niche directory that does provide good traffic—but most directories do not.

Market leading niche directories tend to drive decent traffic. Any site that ranks well in related search results may be a good place to get a link, because ranking for relevant search queries means they stand a good chance of being a well-trusted link source and sending you direct visitors.

Additional Resources

If you have questions about directories ask them in our directories forum.